• Welcome to the North Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce

  • New Memberships on hold until 1/1/2017

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  • Membership Benefits

  • Joining the North Brookaven Chamber of Commerce is smart investment!

    The Chamber provides members:

    • The opportunity to grow their business through networking and exposure to other businesses and the general public.
    • The ability to reinvest back in the community to help the area remain vibrant and prosper.
    • The information they need to know about what is going on in the community and the Chamber.
    • Creating opportunities for members to generate business leads.

    Networking Events

    The Chamber provides members with the opportunity to network with other members to develop new business contacts through monthly networking meetings and special events. You also have the opportunity to speak at the networking meetings and promote your business as well as distribute promotional materials to members who attend.

    The Chamber provides hundreds of referrals each year via calls and internet inquiries to persons asking about our local services or products.

    Online Business Listing
    Members are entitled to a FREE listing on our web site that can be searched by business category or by company name. The listing also includes contact information and a link to the member’s web site.

    Advertising and Sponsorship
    There are multiple opportunities to showcase your business to other members and the community through events, sponsorships and publication advertising.

    Membership in the Chamber entitles you to a FREE years' subscription to the Port Times Record or the Village Beacon Record newspapers, also all chamber members receive a discount on all advertisements in these papers.

    An essential part of the Chamber’s mission is to promote member businesses within the communities of Miller Place, Mt. Sinai, Port Jefferson Station, Terryville, Rocky Point, Sound Beach Shoeham and Wading River as well as events in those communities which helps create economic vitality in North Brookhaven.

    As a member, you receive a FREE listing in our Chamber Directory distributed to new members and local businesses.

    Web Site
    As one of the primary portals to our community, the Chamber’s site provides valuable information to potential new residents, visitors and companies considering relocating to the area. The site also provides visitors an online directory of our membership.

    Promotional Material
    The Chamber produces promotional materials that make our community come alive for visitors, potential new residents and new business prospects.

    Support of local festivals and events
    The Chamber is an active participant in supporting and hosting local events that attract thousands of people to the community each year the chamber is represented at many of the local civic associations, Hertige park event, and the Downtown Rocky Point Concert series. The Chamber believes these events contribute to our outstanding quality of life and help create a strong sense of community and partnership between our businesses and the people who patronize our businesses.

    Publicity and Promotion
    The Chamber serves the role of publicizing the community through partnerships with organizations from around the area. In addition, we work with media to promote the communityand the chamber.

    For more information on these programs, please call the Chamber at (631) 821-1313 or Apply Online!

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